Is Conor Mcgregor overrated?

Now I know in alot of people's eyes I maybe biting off a little more than I can chew. But hear me out first? Conor burst on the scene as with alot of hype to begin with and his ability in the octagon was always impressive. I mean look how he dismantled Marcus Brimage in the first round in his UFC debut. Not to mention he did it with little effort. He beat the likes of Interim Featherweight Champion Max Halloway and Of course I can't forget to mention how he broke down current UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo in 13 seconds. Conor has proven he can talk the talk but has he really walked the walk? Conor has beaten everyone that has stepped in front of him but with the aid of the UFC, Conor hasn't really faced a real contender. If Conor and Chad wouldn't have fought for an interim title you could say Jose needed to be served to Conor on a silver platter. We still can't get over the fact that Conor jumped over guys like Frankie Edgar, Dennis Bermudez, and Cub Swanson. Before fighting Chad, Conor never even beat a Top 5 contender to even get close to a title fight. Dennis Siver was ranked at #10 at the time he was defeated by Conor and that was Conor's true test at the time. The UFC has favorited Conor since day 1 just look at the people he faced in the Featherweight division and really think about it? Conor has made the UFC alot of money and is truly a must see fighter but since he has been in the UFC it has been all about him. I do give Conor credit for going up two weight classes to fight Nate Diaz who is a former Welterweight. Though he lost the first fight they had via submission, he did regain himself in the second fight. Though Conor defeated Nate Diaz in their second encounter, he needed a finish and he needed one bad. In the aftermath of that fight, Conor is still Featherweight Champion who hasn't defended his belt in over a year and Frankie has been knocking on the door. Not only does the UFC let Conor keep his belt but lets Conor go up in weight to fight for the Lightweight Title. If you ask me they should have gave Nate that title match and let Conor defend his championship and later on in the future let those two fight and finish it in a winner takes all match. The hype around the fight would've been crazy and we would know that someone would've been a double champ at the end of the day. The fact that Conor has never fought a top 5 contender and the UFC favoritism makes me question how great Conor really is? Who's to say he wouldn't have blew through those guys just like everyone else he faced? With the Nate Diaz fight, who's to say he if he can really last with the big boys? Maybe in due time if the Floyd Mayweather fight happens and Conor gives a decent fight or if he decides to keep fighting after a heavenly payday will he fight a true contender. Khabib Nurmagonedav or Tony Ferguson could be up next and sure will give Conor a run for his money and a another splendid pay-per-view buys for the UFC.