Boxing Heavyweight Mega Fight!

With Boxing's Heavyweights looking stronger than they have been in a very longtime since the Mike Tyson era, it's at this moment that mega fights are a must Since Floyd Mayweather has been the Pound 4 Pound king the Heavyweight division has been put on the back burner. Ever since Tyson Fury dethroned Klitchko it opened the doors for a new era of Heavyweights. Lord knows the Klitchko's have been boring as all hell and stinking the sport up for years. Now with heavy hitters like Anthony Joshua, Luis Ortiz, and Deontay Wilder the division is back to its brutal and most dominant fighters in a very long time. David Haye was thought to be the new savior for the division but a lackluster fight with Vitali Klitchko put that to an end. Haye is now coming off a 6th round knockout and is currently the most targeted fighter in the division. If you ask me the division is now at its highest point in a long time. Now with all these stacked heavyweights the true question is, will they eventually fight each other? Joshua Versus Ortiz, Ortiz versus Wilder, or Wilder versus Joshua. David Haye is still another one and I would love to see his flashy style versus a Wilder or Joshua. A heavyweight superfight is a must and at this point in boxing Floyd Mayweather can not be the topic of discussion. I'm getting sick of fighters playing it safe and not trying to get the knockout. These heavyweights are brutal and have what it takes to put boxing back in the limelight. Let me know if you agree or have your own heavyweight megafight on your mind?