Honoring Kimbo Slice!!!

Today is one year anniversary of the Death of the man that put MMA on its feet to mainstream success. The backyard brawler turned Mixed Martial Artist sensation, a man that was well known as Kimbo Slice. Kimbo was well known for putting hurting on guys in various neighborhoods of his hometown in Miami. Kimbo's street boxing style dominated the backyards and made him a viral sensation. He had the right look to be a star with his intimidating demeanor and muscular physique you knew Kimbo wasn't to be fucked with. Kimbo Became a star overnight and others soon to come. Even though he ran through his opponents in the backyard, he met his match in a 10 minute slug fest with former Mixed Martial Artist Sean Gannon and Kimbo just didn't have much in the tank. After the fight, a video surfaced with him training with Bas Rutten and we knew Kimbo was on his way. Kimbo would make his MMA debut in an exhibition against former boxing heavyweight champion Ray Mercer. Kimbo would defeat Ray by submission in the very first round in which Kimbo dominated Ray on the cage. At this moment a star was born and Kimbo would sign with Elite XC and continue his reign of terror. He defeated Boe Cantrell in 19 seconds, Knocked out MMA legend Tank Abbott in the first round, and defeat James Thompson by punching his ear and it exploded. Kimbo was undefeated his first 3 fights and had the world at his feet. However, Kimbo received a lot of backlash along from his MMA peers seeing as he didn't have a traditional background and he continued to use his street style in the cage. A night where Kimbo was supposed to fight another Legend in Ken Shamrock, Seth Petruzelli stepped in and defeated Kimbo in 14 seconds. After this fight Elite XC would crumble as speculation circled that Petruzelli said they wanted to fix the fight. Kimbo would finally enter the big leagues of the UFC and tryout on the Ultimate Fighter. The first episode is still the most watched episode because of Kimbo. Everyone wanted to see what Kimbo was made of against some of the best and Kimbo showed he wasn't this tough always ready to fight guy, but genuine and always willing to learn. Though people didn't like his rapid success, Kimbo respected the game and wanted to learn every piece. He would fight a losing effort to former IFL Heavyweight Champion Roy Nelson while on the show. He would go to the finale and defeat Light Heavyweight hard hitter and top contender at the time Houston Alexander by Unanimous Decision. A very tough loss to Matt Mitrione by TKO would make the UFC part ways with Kimbo and he pursued a boxing career. Kimbo would win all 7 of his boxing matches but missed that urge of MMA. Kimbo would return through Bellator where he defeated lomg time rival since Elite XC Ken Shamrock by Knock Out in the first round. Kimbo's last fight would be against another fighter similar to him, another backyard sensation turned MMA fighter in DaDa 5000. This fight was voted the "Worst Fight in MMA History". This fight was resulted in a No Contest due to Kimbo testing positive for Steroid use. DaDa would go on to have two heart attacks and was seemingly pronounced dead but doctors revived him. This would be Kimbo's last match as a Mixed Martial Artist as he would pass away on June 6, 2016. Kimbo was MMA's first mega star and starred in numerous movies, television shows and television shows. Kimbo and his line of work will never be forgotten and he should be remembered as the man that made MMA what it is today. Though he was a fighter, he was also a brother, husband, and father. Though Kimbo wasn't the best Mixed Martial Artist, he still put MMA in the lime light and people tuned into it more because of him. His son, Kevin Ferguson jr. goes by "Baby Slice" and is currently 1-1 in his MMA career. Thank you Kimbo for the moments in the backyard and in the cage and you will be forever missed.