Should Conor fight again?

With much speculation about the Floyd Mayweather fight, there has been rumors circulating if Conor would return back inside the octagon. Reports from TMZ Sports say that Conor could make close to 70 million dollars if Floyd signs his part of the contract. Conor who defeated Eddie Alvarez late last year to become the first ever fighter in UFC history to hold two belts in two different weight classes simultaneously. He has then vacated the Featherweight championship but still Lightweight champion. Should an interim bout take place or will Tony Ferguson continue to wait? Should Khabib be ready, should an interim title fight be in place or Conor be stripped of his Championship? I personally feel it has been long enough and Conor wants to "Box" and not fight and defend his championship. Nobody in UFC history has ever been favorited like Conor has been since arriving. I'm a fan of Conor but I'm getting sick of it because when he was Featherweight Champion he didn't even defend his belt but he got to fight for the Lightweight championship. As an MMA fighter, Conor really needs to prove himself against a hungry contender and defeat them impressively to earn my respect. I always wanted to see him versus Anthony Pettis to see who's Tae Kwon Do was better. Please let me know what you guys think and do you feel that I'm wrong and Conor is just ahead of the game or is Conor truly untested and overrated?