The Fight is on!

So from what I'm hearing is that the Floyd Mayweather Versus Conor Mcgregor fight is on. The date is August 26th and it may be at the T-Mobile arena. I have no other information right now but I will be sure to update as soon I get some. This fight will probably not be as exciting as people think because the simple fact is Conor's not a boxer. But if Conor finishes Floyd, the whole state of boxing looks like a joke. Also, if Floyd beats Conor nothing is to be gained because he beat an MMA fighter to get his 50th win. Win or Lose, everything's in Conor's favor because the payday alone is lovely. Floyd over the years has looked like a cherry picker and this fight proves it since others have had other contenders in mind. Amir Khan, Danny Garcia, Lucas Matthysse, and Keith Thurman were all great contenders for your "last fight" but instead he chose Andre Berto to be his final fight. Now to get his 50th victory he wants an MMA fighter that just so happened to sell 1.65 million pay-per-views and he ssen the paycheck. Floyd in my eyes will never be the greatest boxer due to his handpicking of fighters and waiting for fighters to get out of their prime to fight them. This fight though I will watch will only prove my point that Floyd is not the greatest boxer.