Vacate The Title!!!

Now that we all know the fight of the century is going to happen, we UFC fans just need one thing. We all have been wondering what the UFC would do with the Lightweight Championship if the fight would happen between Conor and Floyd. It's been well over 10 months and Conor has yet to defend his UFC Championship. Now, As UFC fans ask Uncle Dana what is the fate of the Lightweight Title? Now this is the part I put my two cents in, so I come to a conclusion that since Conor hasn't defended his title and the "Money Fight" is officially going to happen the title should be vacated. Though Tony Ferguson was next in line, a tournament should be drawn up and then should we crown a new Lightweight Champion. I'm a Mcgregor fan but this is now two times in a row where he has won a title and yet defended it. Though the UFC likes us to think Conor is the best fighter in the world he is far from that. He is just the most marketable and he gets some shots in. The UFC is tainting his legacy by doing this favoritism bullshit.