Floyd Mayweather

With his highly anticipated battle with MMA Star Conor Mcgregor coming up on August 26th. I think it's time to give my thoughts on the Self-proclaimed T.B.E.(The Best Ever). With a perfect record of 49-0 and tied Rocky Marciano and by the way Rocky Marciano's record has been surpassed and other Heavyweights like Marciano tied the record at a point in time. Floyd's personality alone sells fights because he's flashy and always shows his high priced cars, fancy mansions, and of course crazy wads of cash. In the ring, Floyd has made a style to where he is very hard to hit and always throws jabs and straight rights. His shoulder roll defense technique is the best in the business and he proves it every time. Mayweather is definitely the most revered boxer of all time and he's always in the media for his flashiness but as a boxer he's very overrated at best. Here's the part where I bash Mayweather because this is my blog and I say what I feel. Mayweather hasn't fought a real challenger since his name has been in the media. He's act like he's the king of boxing and everything he's done in the sport is a blessing. News flash to Mayweather fans, he's not the first boxer to win 5 belts in 5 different weight classes, he's not the first boxer to make a lot of money in his fights, and he's definitely not the first boxer to retire undefeated. I can tell you what Mayweather didn't do in the sport of boxing and that's Score a real knockout in almost 10 years because lord knows that bullshit with Ortiz shouldn't count, Fought an top 10 contender or someone that was a major threat since beating Oscar De La Hoya, and of course the biggest thing you can do in the sport of boxing and that's be the Undisputed Champion of the World. Floyd Mayweather is the biggest cherry picker in the sport of boxing ever and real boxing fans know it. Look at the competition in boxing versus the guys he actually faces like Andre Berto, Robert Guerrero, and Victor Ortiz. How could you fight guys like that when you have guys like Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, and Keith Thurman who are top contenders and really stand a true threat to Floyd. Just to make matters worse, you go on to call out an MMA fighter to a boxing match to get your fiftieth win. Think about this for a second if Floyd loses to an MMA fighter in a boxing match that is the equivalent to Tom Brady losing to a Baseball pitcher in a football throwing contest. As great as Floyd's in-ring skills are he fails to show it by the competition he faces so therefore he's not that great in my eyes. Great boxers fight other great boxers and think of how they can take boxing to the next level. Guys like Andre Ward and Anthony Joshua are guys that think like that in my mind. Anthony Joshua defeated longtime Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitchko and Knocked him out with Klitchko winning on the score cards. Andre Ward finished a top contender in what was a tough war. These guys both want to be Undisputed Champion and Pound 4 Pound king of boxing. Though Floyd is Pound 4 Pound king, though not rightfully so because he's always inactive, he hasn't really done anything no one has done in boxing, or became king of any division he's fought in. People have mixed reactions on him but personally I feel he is overrated and untested in the sport of boxing. He has to fight Canelo at least 5 times to impress me. But at the end of the day he's still rich and people will watch the Conor fight due to star power. With that being said, do you feel Floyd is "The Best Ever"?


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