Rampage Jackson

Rampage maybe the biggest star to ever grace the sport because no matter how much you feel about him you know who he is. Whether you are a fan of MMA or not you know him or of him due to his work in movies, tv shows, and of course highlight reel performances. Inside the cage/ring, Rampage has left a legacy of work that is overlooked to MMA fans because of his witty and impulsive attitude. Though, he likes to goof off a lot he is also one of the most dangerous Mixed Martial Artist and one of the most feared. He holds one punch knockout power in both hands and slams that have broke bones and knocked opponents out are his most dangerous weapons. Rampage has did a lot for the sport in and outside the cage. Like really, he is the first person to unify two major organizations titles with the Pride Middleweight Championship and UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Rampage has gained his notoriety from the Japan audience in Pride and has always been unique in his own way. Planting opponents on the canvas with his terrorizing slams and crazy knockout power has made him a fan favorite. While in Pride he even defeated the likes of former UFC Heavyweight Champion Kevin Randleman and Longtime Unbeaten fighter Igor Vovchanchyn in his Middleweight debut both by stoppages. Quickly making himself a star in Japan, it was only a matter of time before he became a star all around. Once entering the UFC, he avenged his first loss as a professional against Marvin Eastman in what was a brutal knockout. He even defeated longtime rival Wanderlei Silva by Knockout in the first round. Rampage lost to Wanderlei 3 times while in Pride but was a changed man in the UFC. Undefeated in the UFC and made himself a must see fighter, he would go on to defeat then UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddel via first round knockout. Rampage had put the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts on its feet. People acknowledged the sport more and he was the main reason and was a part of it. Lately lackluster performances and excuses have been reason why people don't gravitate to him like they used to. Though, he fought for the UFC Title against Jon Jones, he got finished and after the fight praised him. He would eventually go to Bellator and claim Jon kicked his knee out of place and that is why he loss against the former champion. Though Rampage is a great fighter and innovator of the sport, he can be lazy and he is very one dimensional. He only uses his boxing and hardly uses his wrestling and I personally would like to see him throw more kicks. It's almost like you know what to expect from him every fight but every fighter expects it. His gameplan is pretty much all the same every fight and he though is a great grappler he never tries to lock-in a submission. Rampage is one of my favorite all time fighters and probably the biggest Mixed Martial Arts star of all time. He's starred in the likes of Family Guy, The 2010 film remake of The A-Team, and Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel. He is very out spoken and very entertaining as he can sell a fight just as much as he can give one. His accolades in MMA may never be matched and still continues to fight. Hopefully, he'll be fighting for the Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship soon where he is fighting for Bellator MMA.