State of the UFC and their fighters are hurting the sport

With the UFC being the ultimate penicle of Mixed Martial Arts and the super bowl of the sport, it comes with great dispute about fighters and their treatment with the company. Over the years, fighters have been vocal about the UFC with Favoritsm, USADA, and fighters pay. Fighters like Al Iquianta, Luke Rockhold, and Donald Cerrone have spoken up about their treatment with the UFC. Fighters go MMA media outlets and have even started unions on the UFC. Longtime UFC veterans like Former UFC Title Challenger Rory McDonald, Heavyweight Ultimate fighter winner Roy Nelson, and now current Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Ryan Bader have all jumped ship to #2 promotion Bellator MMA. With known talent jumping ship to the competition will the UFC may over jumped by Bellator do to talent? Since the UFC has invoked the Reebok and USADA fighters have been unhappy and spoke about the treatment of pay and fighter privacy. Demetrius Johnson and Brendan Schaub have spoke on these issues as while Demetrius Johnson was on twitch playing his video game, USADA randomly stopped by his home and drugged tested him live on twitch. Brendan Schaub went on the record about the Reebok deal and how he lost over $200,000 in sponsorship money because of it. Dana White would go on ESPN to defend the claims by naming some of his "sponsors" but Brendan responded by denying those who Dana named. The freedom of fighters to pick a brand in the UFC are over and Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Junior Dos Santos were forced to give their Nike deals. USADA has caught fighters back and forth for supposedly banned substance and hefty suspensions almost ending guys careers like Nick Diaz who was given 5 years until it was revoked. Favoritism in the UFC is common but fighters were given a chance at glory before but now if you can't talk the talk then you can't walk the walk. Ever since Conor McGregor jumped onto the scene it has been every fight he wanted he got. In the Featherweight division he never fought a top 5 fighter to get a title match. Every victory was impressive but what could he do to someone like Frankie Edgar, Cub Swanson, or Korean Zombie. Guys who have made a name for themselves but still have to work to get a title shot. Conor jumped infront of all those guys and even became a double champion without even defending the belt. Conor has always been impressive and made the company alot of money in the process but going against the grain and telling all the other fighters have to prove themselves while Conor gets a boost is insane. Lately I've been questioning if Bellator will be able to surpass the UFC and with the requirement of former champion in Strikeforce and Dream Gegard Mousasi that Bellator can do it off talent alone. Hopefully fighters keep speaking up and the fighters Union can work and make things happen. Ever since new ownership in the UFC, fighters and the relationship with the company has went downhill. Hopefully something can be done to work or will the UFC crumble do to unhappy fighters.