Is Adrien Broner done for following loss to Mikey Garcia

Ever since Adrien Broner start mimicking his idol Floyd Mayweather's style he has been blowing from his hard hitting, crowd roaring self. He even went so far as to start the shoulder roll style and to make matters worse he stopped finishing opponents. Broner has sense yet to beat a well known talent in the sport of boxing. Other than Paulie Mallignaggi who else has really beaten in his career? Even though Broner likes to throw the famous "I'm a four time world champion in four weight classes" line he isn't the first to that and he for sure isn't the last. That being sad he maybe the reason for his career's demise especially since he has trouble with the law after robbing someone in a bet that Broner loss. Broner would serve a year in jail and get back into the clutches of Floyd Mayweather who he dissed in a "Panda" by Desiigner freestyle. Broner is known as a loud mouth and is very brash and egotistical in and out of the ring. His career maybe soon over if he cannot beat a well known opponent he would lose to the likes of Shawn Porter, Marcos Maidana, and Mikey Garcia. All big challenges in Broner's professional career in which he was dominated in all 3 fights. The fancy lifestyle is cool and will only get you so far in the sport of boxing. Hopefully he can get his mojo back or is Adrien Broner's 15 minutes up in the sport of boxing?