Woodley no longer getting George St. Pierre fight; Bisping versus GSP back on

Earlier before the fight Dana White would say that the winner of Woodley/Maia fight which Woodley won would fight former long time champion George St. Pierre is now off. Dana white would confirm this at the UFC 214 Post fight press conference and say GSP/Bisping fight is back on. George who is the former Welterweight Champion and defended it 8 while he was Champion is now fighting the current Middleweight champion at Middleweight. I feel Dana is forcing George to fight Middleweight and he should fight Woodley. Bisping does have a fast paced style and will bring the fight to George but Tyron and George match up perfectly in all categories of fighting. Tyron versus GSP will almost be a mirror match in style. This obviously is a big payday for George and Bisping. There has also been speculation that this could be Bisping's last bout as an MMA fighter so maybe that's why he wants to cash out. But those are just rumors and either way he has fights lined up with either George or new Interim UFC Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker. Woodley would explain how offended he was at Dana White and his comments on the fight. Woodley would go on Ariel Helwani's show and even demand an apology from Dana White and even threatened to leak information about the UFC president. As a champion, you should be treated what the upmost respect especially from those in charge of the organization. Hopefully these two can come to some type of an agreement and let bygones be bygones.