Is USADA really good for the sport?

Since USADA has been introduced fighters have been getting flagged left and right from Junior Dos Santos, Brock Lesnar, and even greats like Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. I hope that we can all agree that since USADA has been introduced it has been good and bad in most cases. Some people's favorite fighters have been flagged by USADA and others get flagged before they can even fight. USADA is keeping the sport clean but has took the ones that put Mixed Martial Arts and UFC on the map away from fighting. With Jon Jones getting flagged after hos highlight reel knockout over now current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, his career is now in jeopardy since this is now his 3rd offense. The sport should be clean of potential doping and performance enhancers but the punishments shouldn't be as harsh that they may end a fighters career. Fighters that have been caught with banned substances have gotten very lengthy suspensions and probably more time than what should be given to a fighter. Chad Mendes who after his Knockout loss to Frankie Edgar was suspended for 2 years. A punishment was definitely necessary but 2 years is a little too much since not only was his first offense but something a doctor prescribed for him. With Chad Mendes taking a two year hiatus, I begin to question if he is still a prime time player or even ranked in the division. After Anderson Silva fought Nick Diaz in a Middleweight bout in 2013, he and Diaz later tested positive for banned substances. Silva for Anabolic Steroids prescribed by his doctor and Diaz for marijuana as he is known in the MMA Community to do it. Silva would be suspended for a year and Diaz would go on later to get 5 years which was later overturned in 2016. Silva who in his last fight would snap his leg literally in half after a leg kick was blocked by Chris Weidman. A injury that severe could've been career ending and let alone a prescription for steroids is the most common thing in the world. Even though he would suffer a year suspension, Silva's legacy shouldn't be tarnished for coming back a little too soon while steroids were still in his body. People will have mixed feelings about USADA whether good or bad but truth be told the real losers of it are the fighters. Fighters jobs are to fight and unlike the old days of UFC they can't get paid off just their brand and sponsorships. If USADA keeps handing out suspensions like this then fighters won't be able to make money and being in contract with the UFC their no way in other organizations either. USADA is keeping the sport clean but also remember they are not bigger than the sport. It seems as though they are because they have a say on who fights or not and the punishment for the violation. Whether the fighter suffers is up to the promoters not USADA.