Should the MMA ruleset be changed to make the sport more unique?

Over the years, fans have been very vocal about the rules and judging system of MMA. Some like while others disagree and me personally I like the Pride style ruleset better because the only thing it limited basically was elbows. Hits to the back of the head and eye gouging was of course still illegal. Socker kicks and face stomps were unique at the time and guys like Shogun Rua, Wanderlei Silva, and Fedor Emelianenko used these moves to conquer their respected divisions. Basically, once coming to the USA and fighting under the unified rule set, some fighters from Pride couldn't compete with fighters already in place with the rules. We seen Shogun get beat by Forrest Griffin and Ko'd by Jon Jones, Fedor Emelianenko not only got his first loss but loss 3 in a row while in Strikeforce, and Wanderlei Silva was arguably the best pound 4 pound fighter on the planet if not all time has only won 4 out of his last 10 fights. Some say Pride fighters weren't used to elbows but I say these fighters tools were took from them once in the unified rule set. Imagine the same Jon Jones fight Shogun had but with socker kicks? Could you imagine how much of a difference that could've made for Shogun? Who's to say he wouldn't still he Champion? Wanderlei has known to put on great fights in the ring/cage but injuries and cardio problems take the old Wanderlei we know and love away out of the equation. Rule setting of Mixed Martial Arts are a big part of the sport and in different regions there are rules that may raise eyebrows or make the sport better or more entertaining for fight fans. The earlier Vale Tudo rule set was not only great for the fans but the fighters as well. You can't stick someone like Wanderlei Silva up against Chuck Liddell and take his strongest attribute away like Face Stomps and Socker Kicks. Chuck who is a veteran in the UFC and Wanderlei a person who is new to it has to get used to things like elbows and 5 rounds that consist of 3 minutes. Pride rules consisted of one 10 minute round and one 5 minute round. Judging was also different in Pride as fighters were judged by who was trying to finish the fight rather than controlling it. Guys like Rogrigo Nogeira and Anderson Silva would use this to their advantage. Some people's favorite fighters never were the same once they either came to the USA or just were in the Unified rules. Of course we have to remember why the rules are in place and that is "Fighters Safety" but who has had more career ending injuries Pride or UFC? Brad Pickett was forced to retire due complications in his brain due to fighting. Brad went on Twitter to say "My whole career is regret" don't quote me on it. Gary Goodridge is another one a Pride and UFC veteran was diagnosed with CTE(Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) a rare disease in which people get when they get hit in the head too much. CTE symptoms consist of memory lost, confusion, and dementia. The disease can be fatal. What rule set do you feel is better for the sport and why so comment and share for me please?