Dana White and his hypocrisy

Do you remember the good ol days when Dana White was for the fighters and before the ranking system rightful challengers fought the champion? Remember when he used to blow a fuse when Mario Yamasaki or Steve Mazzagatti would make bad calls as referees and ruin great fights? Remember when Dana used to promise fights first hand and they actually happened? I sure do and boy were those the good days until fighters complained about payment and fighter treatment and eventually some fighters jumped ship. Dana has always been vocal about the fight game but over the years has forged information like sponsors from fighters, payment to fighters, and setting up fights but fighters pulling out of agreements. Dana White may be the greatest combat sports promoter in the world because when he sees something special in a fighter he makes sure everyone else does. Look at what he did with Brock Lesnar, Sage Northcutt, or even Ronda Rousey before they were handed stunning defeats. He makes stars especially when they bring talent and have a dominant auras with them. He convinces fans and others that certain fighters are the best fighters in the world. Remember when Renan Barao was Champion and he was telling MMA media outlets that Baroa was the pound 4 pound king even though he was only ranked #3? This is when Jose Aldo was Champion and Jon Jones was on his 7th title defense and Jones was the Pound 4 Pound king. That was 2014 and a lot has changed since then and so has Dana. In 2017 alone, over 6 top ranked contenders jumped ship to the number 2 mixed martial arts company and rivals to the UFC, Bellator MMA. Dana has yet to speak on those fighters or their remarks to the company but has been spending time to keep pushing Conor Mcgregor to mainstream audiences. Even when MMA is at an all time high, it can not be carried on one persons back especially when they have been inactive for over a year. Tyron Woodley who has been dominating the Welterweight division since defeating Robbie Lawler has spoken up about how he feels the company is treating him unfairly. Before that, Tyron and Dana would attend Football games and other media personalities up until this claim but Tyron has yet to be viewed as a major champion in the UFC. It's not like Dana White can't promote Demetrius Johnson because if he wanted to he could do it in his sleep. Dana promoted George when he was Champion and George sold alot of fights and all his were very boring. The fact that Dana seen George the best fighter people fed into that but George would just take fighters down and hold them. Demetrius Johnson is the total package despite his size as he has stand up, clinch work, speed, power, and ground game. The UFC still continues to underlook him as his last fight he was the co-main event and broke Anderson Silva's record for the most title defenses. Dana even went as far as threatening to get rid of the Flyweight division due to lack of competition and Demetrius Johnson being upset with the company. In a recent interview, Dana White has stated that "Jon Jones is the biggest waste of talent that he ever seen in his life." Jon has made the company millions of dollars and the last thing I would call him is a waste. Jon has yet to face a real defeat in his mixed martial arts career and is a 3 time champion without ever losing the belt. He tied Randy Couture for most UFC Light Heavyweight title reigns and has the most title defenses as UFC Champion. Jon definitely fucks up a lot and it's ruining his career but he's far from a waste. I bet Jon would get more appreciated if he was signed to Bellator and there would be better competition for him. I'm going to wrap this blog up but I'm going to do a part 2 soon because I don't want to get off this topic due to some stuff I left out. I want to talk about inactive fighters, fighters mistreatment, and of course the favoritism of Conor Mcgregor. Please share this blog and continue to tell people about me. -Kingtrizkombat 10/28/2017