Did Demetrius Johnson surpass Anderson Silva and Jon Jones as the greatest of all time?

Demetrius Johnson has been the talk of the MMA community lately as he made history as he defeated Ray Borg to get his 11th consecutive title defense. Setting up a new all time record with the most title defenses and an impressive record with a fight style to match it. Demetrius is undefeated at Flyweight and only a draw with Joseph Benivedez whom he defeated twice is the closest thing to an upset from Demetrius Johnson. His last loss was to former UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz by Unanimous Decision for Cruz's Championship. Cruz came in the way bigger guy and used it to his advantage as he was able to grapple DJ and slow him down. Since that loss, DJ is a whole new fighter as we have yet to see him either slow down or get outmatched by any of his opponents. One question raises eyebrows to hardcore MMA fans, and that is if Demetrius Johnson is the greatest fighter of all time? First let me start it off by saying, Demetrius has an impressive resumè as he defeated the likes John Dodson, Henry Cejudo, and Joseph Benivedez on his impressive 11th consecutive title defenses. Can you compare that to the likes of half the people Jon Jones or Anderson Silva has beaten? Jon Jones who has never really been truly defeated in his Mixed Martial Arts career has almost defeated every decorated Light Heavyweight ever. Anderson Silva on the other hand defeated every Middleweight and went up to Light Heavyweight and defeated some prominent fighters. Who's to say Jon would've beat Anderson Silva's record had he not have been stripped of the title. Anderson Silva has defeated almost every Middleweight in his division and in dominant fashion. Starting from Rich Franklin, Dan Henderson, and Vitor Belfort he has made each fighter look less of a threat. Silva even went to Light Heavyweight where he made short work of James Irvin with Silva countering a body kick and hitting Irving with a punch putting Irving to sleep in the very first round. Anderson made a return to Light Heavyweight as he fought former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin and what would be Silva's best performance as Silva showed highlight reel head movement and beat Forrest to a pulp. Silva arguably should've had 11 title defenses but Travis Lutter didn't make weight which turned the fight into a non title fight. It's arguably proven that Jon has fought tougher competition and could've beat Silva's record had it been for suspension. Jon has defeated a variety of Light Heavyweight fighters including Pride veterans and hopefuls such as himself. Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson, Lyoto Machida, and the list goes on and on about the fighters Jon have defeated. Coming up he was always compared to Anderson Silva due to his long frame and unorthodox fighting style. Jon has lived up to every expectation of his career and more but wrong doings taint his legacy. He has made 8 consecutive title defenses and is also a 3 time UFC Champion without ever losing the title in the first place. With Demetrius Johnson the rightful pound 4 pound king and new record holder for most title defenses is he the greatest? Jon still has yet to face a real defeat in his mixed martial arts career but if USADA gives him a lengthy suspension will he even have a career in the future? A clear minded and fully trained Anderson Silva proved he is unstoppable and can hardly be touched we haven't seen that Silva in a longtime now. Silva and Jones continue to break records while the UFC continues to misuse Johnson who is the best fighter right now. What do you think is greatest or do you feel someone else other than Jones, Silva, or Johnson?