Is MMA at an all time low?

After the new owners of bought the UFC in early 2016, the fight game hasn't been the same since. The ranking system doesn't matter, ratings are dropping by the dozens, and fighters are leaving left and right. I don't know about you but I miss the hard hitting and straight to your face action of the old days. Ever since the UFC's deal with Spike expired and they tested their waters with Fox it just lost its touch with its die hard fans. Bellator is still a growing company and is looking like vintage UFC but the UFC is still top dog in the Mixed Martial Arts game. Fighters happiness is the biggest problem in the UFC as over the past year over 7 top ranked fighters jumped ship to Bellator and on some events racked up more viewers. This made me scratch my head and think if the UFC keeps this up will it eventually go out of business. Bellator does lack mainstream star power but guys like Michael Page, Patricio Freire, Michael Chandler, and Douglas Lima were able to bring a fan base to Bellator. When I look at Bellator now I see vintage UFC that helped bring them to their success now. I can tell Bellator is ran by people who are passionate about the sport and not worried about a quick buck. They actually let fighters fight and rightful challengers fight champions. I know UFC guys get signed a get instant title fights but they are still top ranked world class fighters at the end of the day. UFC's deal with Fox is almost up and it is unclear if they will renew or not so who would be a great new home network for the UFC. We all know the UFC has fight pass but it needs a major provider to keep the engine going. CBS maybe NBC or try something new like HBO or even Shotime to give it that pay per view but free television feel to it. My main concern is that what if the UFC crumbles and Bellator doesn't pick up the ball. Maybe I put too much thought to it but we woll see when the time comes. -King Triz 10/25/2017