New Website Coming Soon!!! #KingTrizHipHop

I love the sport of MMA and Boxing and all other combat sports but I also like too try new things out. Next year I will be making a blog based on music but mainly hip hop. I feel the view on hip hop is is having a negative effect on people and new rappers are trash. Unlike some of your favorite artists and other Hip Hop outlets, I will say names and take on all comers. I will continue with my MMA blog but I feel my opinion and my word is important and I need to speak on issues and the world needs outspoken people like me. Not just entertainment but politics as well because we can agree the world has been in a tragedy but I feel I'm the voice for it. You guys also put your voices together through comments and social media outlets. Next year KingTrizHipHop will launch and speak on views such as Artists, Album Reviews, and my personal favorite artists. I have never been a person who's afraid to speak my mind so if I see an artist do something I don't like they will catch wreck on an article. Get ready for the most outspoken Hip Hop blog you will ever see and ya boy King Triz telling it straight how it is with no boundaries. #KingTrizHipHop