Do professional wrestlers belong in Mixed Martial Arts?

With the announcement of Jack Swagger signing a deal with Bellator, professional wrestlers in Mixed Martial Arts is a hit or miss. You got successful guys like Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, and Don Frye who are all former champions in both of the respected sports. Then there’s guys like Sean O’ Haire, Bobb Sapp, and Alberto Del Rio who just couldn’t step up to the plate. Most pro wrestlers with backgrounds in either amateur wrestling or some type of martial art usually become successful in mixed martial arts. We are starting to see crossover fights left in right whether an Mixed Martial Artist goes to Boxing or Professional Wrestling, this is not new. Brock Lesnar set the bar as far as professional wrestler turned Mixed Martial Artist due to him winning the biggest championship in Mixed Martial Arts. In today’s society, we see guys like CM Punk, Bobby Lashley, and now Jack Swagger. There are rumors of former IC Champion Ryback Reeves signing to Bellator as well and I’m interested to see him make the 265 mark since this is a 300 pound man built on muscle or will Bellator make a new weight class or set up a catch weight fight. Bobby Lashley who is a part time fighter shows he has the athleticism to match up with the best fighters in the world. Either as a pro wrestling fan or MMA fan, do you like that fighters or wrestlers try to switch sports? Ronda recently signed a contract with the WWE and CM Punk is in talks to have his 2nd fight in the UFC, so now we must see if either belongs in that respected sport. Me personally I have pros and cons to wrestlers becoming fighters and fighters becoming wrestlers. I remember watching Ken Shamrock in the WWE and I liked his character but when it came to Main Event wrestlers they would shut him down. When I seen videos of vintage UFC tapes and seen how dominant he was I said “He would kill half those guys he faced in WWE.” I seen Ken fight in the Brawl 4 All in the early days of the Attitude Era and he went threw a guy. He would later pull out of the tournament because he felt he had nothing to prove. Ken was always one of my favorite wrestlers due to his physical appearance and move set but I feel that since he wasn’t a “Pure Wrestler” he never got the push of a Main Eventer. I’m asking all die hard Mixed Martial Arts fans what do you think of Wrestlers turning to Mixed Martial Arts? Why get hurt for doing something you’re told to do when you can fight and see how good you are. With USADA cracking fighters down in the sport and steroids is notoriously known in professional wrestling can these guys transition? Is there someone from MMA or Pro Wrestling that you would like to see crossover?