Good things to say about Conor Mcgregor

Even after his stupid ass outburst at Bellator over the weekend, I’m tired of looking like a Conor hater. Get ready to see what good things I have to say about The notorious Conor Mcgregor. Conor’s critical success has sparked a new mainstream level that he’s one of the most biggest stars and most influential fighters on the planet. Conor has sparked a wave of success unheard of in Mixed Martial Arts. He’s grossed over a million pay-per-view buys, was on the cover of ESPN magazine, and became the first fighter to win two titles in two different weight classes. Since his debut in 2013, he has beaten his opponents in dominating fashion and predicting it beforehand. Predicting how you were winning a fight and how you were going to do it is unheard of and he started out at featherweight beating some tough guys. He also is a great fight seller due to his incredible talking skills and his ability to piss off fighters and that draws attention to fans to see his fights. I’ve spoken down on Conor because the UFC made him skip over other contenders but nobody sold a show and gave a performance like him. His personality is so unique fighters have tried to imitate him but have came up short. Conor has made a legacy off selling fights and delivering when in the octagon. Conor literally had to fight to get where he’s at. He’s had a unique story coming from his uprising of Mixed Martial Arts, especially since he doesn’t train with any world class fighters that are really known. His training camp is unique as he practices Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and Karate. Conor also has one punch knock out power in both hands and boasts a huge finish ratio on his record. Conor’s fighting style is unique because his punches are clear and accurate and could easily end a fight with kicks coming from any direction to land and knock out an opponent as well. He also has great take down defense and has shown it against guys like Nate Diaz, Eddie Alvarez, and Max Halloway. Conor also trains with Brazillion Jiu-Jitsu black belt and UFC Welterweight contender Gunnar Nelson so he also has a ground game that we haven’t even seen yet. I can’t forget to mention the cross over mega fight between him and Floyd Mayweather that Conor did very well but ended up getting finished in the 10th round. You could blame it on bad calling due to the referee not doing a standing 8 count for Mcgregor. Conor expresses a rematch with Mayweather but I wouldn’t want to see that fight. I would like to see Conor fight more often so he can solidify himself in the UFC. I know I express bad words towards Conor but he has took MMA to a new height despite the fact that he hasn’t been active in Mixed Martial Arts this whole year. He’a long overdue for a title defense and I feel they should pull the title off of him due to inactivity. I guess you can’t really blame Mcgregor for his actions because the UFC supports it. We’ve seen fighter star in motion pictures over ther years but Conor has his own film about him and his uprising in the fight game. If you would’ve told me that a kid from Ireland would defeat one of the most dominant champions in the sport, I would’ve thought you were on drugs. Conor maybe the first fighter to generate over 100 million dollar fight but he has to get in the octagon first. Many have expressed Conor as being the greatest of all time, while others feel he shouldn’t be in that conversation. With talks of a Nate Diaz rubber match, Super Fight against George St. Pierre, and fighting Tyron Woodley to get a third title any of those fights can sellout but are they necessary? Conor should defend the lightweight championship and fight other contenders while doing so. I’ve been disappointed with UFC as of late so let’s see what choices they will have for Conor? 11/12/2017 - King Triz