I Love The Fight Game!!!

When I was 14 years old, I seen Brock Lesnar beat Frank Mir's face in and then get caught in a heel hook and received his first loss. That day planted a seed in me that would last a very long time and eventually I got to see the rematch and see Brock Lesnar make history to unify the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Once I got my first UFC video game which would I would by myself with my paycheck from my first job and that game would be UFC Undisputed 2009. Ever since I purchased that game I've been hooked to the fight game. I would go as far as make my own workout routines to be like these guys. I remember watching guys like Brock Lesnar, Thiago Alves, and Sean Sherk train and go "Man, I want to do that!". Once I found my school's workout facility the rest was history as I would mimic these guys workout routines and people would look at me like I was crazy. I would lose over 80 pounds for trying to be like an MMA fighter. Once I seen the UFC, I would look up the history and fighters of MMA and I would see guys like Shane Carwin, Kevin Randleman, and Fedor Emelianenko. I had never seen guys beat people up to a pulp and immediately I watched mostly every fight I could find of these guys. Then I started exploring more and finding other fighters such as Vitor Belfort, Alistair Overeem, and Wanderlei Silva. After school, I couldn't wait to get on YouTube to see highlights of and training sessions of these guys. When an event popped up, I would either watch on the internet or try to catch a repeat. I use to do a lot of unnecessary stressing at this time and I guess because I was a teenager it was natural but now that I'm older those were actually some good times. Watching it eventually wasn't enough as I got into my first fist fight and me and some friends went into a neighborhood that we shouldn't have been in and we were heavily outnumbered. When it came down to fight I couldn't deliver as I couldn't do the stuff I wanted to do. I looked like a pussy but that would be the beginning of something beautiful as after this horrible day I would take up boxing. Little did I know, I was tougher than I thought and I could take a punch and I could give one too. This would be a blessing and a curse as I would lose my first job, get my first and only suspension in High School, and I would get into multiple fights in college before receiving a record (even though I was found not guilty). Getting into the fight game made me realize a lot about people in street, in the ring, and in life in general. My favorite fighter has always been Hector Lombard because of his early dominance on his opponents in his early career before he went to the UFC. I don't know what happened now but he needs to bring the old Hector back. One day I hope to make my Mixed Martial Arts debut and maybe I'll make a career out of it and maybe I won't but I will always love the sport. My biggest dream is to be a promoter like Dana White (not the new Dana White but the old and fair one back in the Fertitta days). I hope to work on event planning and help set up fight dates and help fighters fight the right competition. That's just a dream for now but until then I will keep blogging. 11/10/2017 - King Triz