Shut Up And Fight!

Are you tired of fighters talking a big game but either they don’t deliver or they get knocked out early? Are you tired of fighters going at it for weeks at press conferences and on social media for the fight to not live up to the hype? Well I am, so this is a very special summary for me because I’m a die hard fan but I’m getting sick of fighters talking and not fighting. I figured since Ronda Rousey got knocked out by Holly Holm, that would expose her and hopefully humble fighters and they would keep their emotions in the fight. Under the new Management of WME, that didn’t happen and fighters would do anything to build fights. It’s just lately fights haven’t been exciting like they used to since leaving from Spike TV. The format and message was just right and it made you want to watch it even if you weren’t a fan of the sport. Do you miss when fighters used to show each other the up most respect, but get into the octagon and try to kill each other? What about when the Ultimate Fighter was actually good and fighters really made a name for themselves? Since the Reebok deal, New Ownership, and USADA came into play, the UFC just isn’t really interesting anymore. Fighters are getting flagged left from right, leaving to go to Bellator, and lately fights haven’t been living up to expectations. This is the era of talking and something has to change or soon the UFC will continue to lose talent and viewers. The few fighters that come to mind who talk a big game and deliver are Kevin Lee and Mike Perry because they come to fight and show it every time they are in the octagon. Mike Perry right now is one of my favorite fighters because he’s a interesting guy. He walks out with the Gold grills in his mouth, Headphones around his neck, and Tattoos all over his body. Mike Perry is definitely someone to see not just off of his look but he’s a top 10 contender that knows how to put on a fight. Even though I said he didn’t deserve a title match, Kevin Lee definitely put on a championship performance against Tony Ferguson. Unfortunately, he was battling a staph infection but had the fight went to decision it would have went in Kevin’s favor. These two are the only fighters mind talking because it’s fireworks every time they fight. The UFC hasn’t really had a good year besides Conor fighting Floyd or George St. Pierre winning his 2nd title in a different weight class. It has been mix and match fights throughout this whole year and great fighters are jumping ship to Bellator. The UFC has to have a big 2018 if they wish to continue as the top brand of Mixed Martial Arts. They have to make new stars but they can’t do that if they continue to push one who doesn’t even fight. I would like to see guys like Mike Perry, Kelvin Gastelum, or Thiago Santos because of they love to fight and deliver when they are in the octagon.