Todd Duffee

One of the most well rounded Heavyweight fighter and one of my favorite despite his hiatus due to injury and complications with the UFC. Todd Duffee is a very large fighter but moves like a Welterweight and he can end a fight in a instant. Todd came around 2010, and at the time had the fastest knockout in all of MMA. Todd’s future looked promising until his lost to Mike Russow. He left the UFC later due to negotiations with his contract and would have mixed success outside the company. He would lose to Alistair Overeem for the Dream interim Heavyweight Championship even though Alistair obviously was fighting dirty. Look it up guys, Alistair’s body since his days as Strikeforce Champion till now is almost unrecognizable. Todd defeated Neil Grove before making his UFC return and he did it in like 23 seconds. Todd is definitely the total package when it comes to Heavyweight fighters but the only problem is his chin. Todd Duffee to me is like what Cain Velasquez is now but he doesn’t stay active as much. I understand he has injuries and other troubles but it would be a shame if he doesn’t win a title or even be a top contender in the UFC. If he works hard enough Todd could be the Heavyweight divisions George St. Pierre and he definitely has the right training camp to do so. He at the American Kickboxing Academy with undefeated Lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagamdov, former UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold, former 2 time Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez, and Current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier. If he stays active and continue to train with these beasts, he can be one the best fighters in the world. Todd does part time acting as he starred in straight-to-dvd sequel “Never Back Down 2” and box office disappointment “Batman vs. Superman”. Since his return, Todd Duffee is 2-1 in the UFC but all together 3-2 in the UFC. Todd Duffee’s last fight was against Frank Mir in 2015. Todd was knocked out in the very first round but hasn’t had a fight since then. On his social media pages he casually post himself training so I guess still fighting professionally as a fighter. Hopefully, the UFC will set up a fight for him in 2018 because you’re not supposed to leave a talent like Todd Duffee sit on the shelf.