Will Conor fight again or will Tony Ferguson be crowned Undisputed Champion in 2018?

It’s now been over a year since Conor Mcgregor has been last seen in the octagon. There has been speculation by the president of the UFC that if he doesn’t defend his championship by the summer, then he will stripped of his championship. Dana White who is known to lie and has been lying about everything in 2017. Dana White used to be a man of the sport now he is just scum of the earth. That’s a different topic for a different blog. 

How long will Conor Mcgregor be the face of the sport and not even perform in it. This man is looking like the greatest fighter to ever live but he doesn’t even have any title defenses or top contenders under his belt. He loss to a journey man only for him to call in a rematch and win by majority decision and get a title match right after. The Mcgregor era had to end immediately and hopefully when it does everything in the sport will go back to normal.