With a disappointing loss from Francis Ngannou, What's next for the Heavyweight Challenger?

After suffering one of most tragic losses as he came in as a favorite in the fight, Francis Ngannou looked unstoppable up until this fight. but he proved his biggest weakness in the octagon is cardio. Francis came into the fight his usual aggressive self in the first round and would land bombs on the champion and would even close his left eye in the first round but Francis would waste all his energy that round. from there on end from the 2nd to the 5th round would look almost identical as Stipe would land a takedown and hold Francis down holding so he would gass from trying to get up. Francis up until this point looked as if he could be a Mike Tyson of the sport and that the best was yet to come. However, Francis proves he has a lot of growing to do as a fighter. Things I seen that I feel Francis needs to work on is things like Wrestling, Wrestling Defense, Patience, and of course Cardio. Hopefully, he's not that far from title contentions after this fight and eventually we will see him fight again for the title until then he needs to focus on his next opponent and perfecting his craft as a fighter.

 This isn't the first time we seen this as George St. Pierre was a top prospect that was running through his opponents when he first burst onto the scene of the UFC. George would win his first 7 fights as a professional until he met then UFC Welterweight champion Matt Hughes. George would put on a good start to the first encounter but would submit in the first round due to armbar by the then champion. However, this loss didn't break George as it only made him into the greatest welterweight of all time as he would rematch Matt Hughes and defeat him by Technical Knockout. George would only suffer one more loss to Matt Sera and would avenge that loss and unify his interim and Matt Sera's title to make him the Undisputed UFC Welterweight Champion.

 So maybe this isn't the end for Francis Ngannou as this loss can be the fire that makes Francis realize his true potential and maybe he'll be more dominant than ever before. Great fighters have succumbed to great losses that only made them better fighters such as Demetrius Johnson to Dominick Cruz, TJ Dillashaw to John Dodson, and even Cain Velasquez to Junior Dos Santos. Maybe this is just the beginning for Francis Ngannou or maybe it isn't as what if Stipe exposed him for him being a "One Hit Wonder". What if Francis is only good for his impressive look and frame and throwing bombs and tiring out early? A fighter like Francis could be great and a one of a kind or could be another prospect flop like Erick Silva, Thiago Thavares, or Jake Ellenberger.