They shouldn’t cancel UFC 222 because Max Halloway got injured

Since news of Undisputed UFC Featherweight Champion Max Halloway got injured training for his upcoming fight with Frankie Edgar, there have been speculation that the whole card could be canceled. Max Halloway has risen to be a minor household name and is a very exciting fighter but a card shouldn’t go canceled because of him. I’m not taking anything from him it’s just that the Featherweight division is stacked and all’s you need is a young gunner to save the day. Circulation that undefeated Featherweight fighter Brian Ortega could step in to save the card and Lightweight fighter Nate Diaz. To be honest you can put any top 5 contender up against Frankie Edgar and it will be an exciting fight. Also rumors of former Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt said he was willing to jump up in weight to fight Frankie Edgar at the last minute.

The UFC has gotten soft since the buyout from the Fertitta brothers and the sport hasn’t been the same since. All’s the new campaign has been about is who can sell fights and talk their way to a title shot. The poster boy is a big mouth who not only does whatever he wants outside of the sport but doesn’t even defend his title. The best pound 4 pound fighter on the planet doesn’t get half the credit or if any credit at all in Demetrius Johnson. Hopefully , Dana will let some “young gun” step in to fight Frankie to save the show.