Upsets just seem to be a thing in sports

After what some say to be the biggest upset in boxing history and the Golden State Warriors losing at the hands of the Toronto Raptors it seems as though anything is possible. With upcoming fighter Jon Jones going up against one of his less challenges to date I’m starting to think Santos may pull it off. Thiago Santos is really looking like a easy challenge for the longtime and considered greatest of all time. Jones has beaten everyone placed in front of him and has yet to face a real defeat in his career.
I’m not saying he’s going to lose I’m just say I’m not counting Santos out especially after Joshua and Moraes loss and they look like they may have had the fight won. Amanda Nunes poses a threat to Holly Holm who is a former UFC Champion herself. Holly is definitely known for her crazy boxing skills so one thing she has against Amanda and that’s a punchers chance. I’m exited for this card just off the fact that these two just very well pull off the biggest upsets in MMA history on July 6th.