Breaking News: Jon Jones gets into legal trouble again for Allegedly slapping a waitress

Jon Jones has now got into more legal trouble and has now been charged with assault on a waitress in an Albuquerque strip club. News broke out on numerous MMA Social Media outlets like Bloody Elbow,, and MiddleEasy and it is unknown what the UFC will do to him at the moment. Jon has had previous encounters with the law back in 2015 which led to him being stripped of the title and suspended for awhile. Jon is undefeated and considered the greatest fighter of all time due his resume and never facing a real defeat in his career, however he continues to tarnish his own legacy.
We must see what Dana White and the UFC has to say about this but if this hits the fan then I think that it very well maybe the last time Jon “Bones” Jones may fight in the UFC. I love JBJ but how many chances do we give him before we say enough is enough. As great as a fighter as he is I don’t want to see him doing any wrong and especially to females.