Fighters that need to hang it up Part. 2

7. Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson basically has fought every major Lightweight fighter from Tony Ferguson, Dustin Poeier, and current Lightweight Champion Khabib Nermagamadov. He is the only fighter to defeat Tony Ferguson in the UFC and was at one point a threat at taking the title. Recently he made a drop to Featherweight and has struggled to make weight but going 2-4 in his last fight, he just may get cut from the UFC. Since the departure of the Blackzilians, Michael Johnson has had a very rough UFC career and now having a 19-14 record his best bet may not even be retirement but a new good camp. I just don’t want to see him getting beat to a pulp so hopefully him and Dana can come to some agreement.

6. Anderson Silva
This one may have been expected to some or maybe others feel he shouldn’t be on the list at all but compared to what he used to be it’s just sad at this point. Highly regarded as the greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time (some may disregard due to him testing positive for PED’s after his win against Nick Diaz), Silva has basically beaten everyone in there is to beat from Vitor Belfort, Chael Sonnen, Rich Franklin twice, and Dan Henderson. For a long time Silva was the reigning UFC Middleweight Champion and the best fighter in the world. No one could move like Silva as he was doing things like he was a master of the sport and probably the first of his kind.

Without Anderson Silva we probably wouldn’t have the fighters we know and love today like Jon Jones, Israel Adesanya, and Conor Mcgregor due to his unorthodox style and flashiness in the octagon. Not to mention, knee problems are definitely effecting his career as he just suffered a defeat at the hands of Jared Carronier. With that and remembering his leg snapped in half against Chris Weidman in their rematch, Anderson should probably hang it up before he ruins his legacy completely.

5. Hector Lombard
This one hurts me to put but as this was someone I looked up to and wanted to be just like at one point in time, it is safe to say he is the biggest bust in UFC history. Hands down probably the hottest fighter outside of the UFC, Lombard composed a record of 31-2 and went on a 26 fight winning streak. A lot of fight fans were even calling him the “Anderson Silva killer” before Chris Weidman came in the mix but since being in the UFC he has a record of 34-10 and is on a 6 fight losing streak. Unsure if he is still an employee in the UFC personally his best bet is to hang it up especially after testing positive for PED’s back in 2015. He has gotten nothing but bad publicity since he’s been in the UFC due to losing and everyone had high hopes for him entering the UFC. At this point in the UFC he is literally just a stepping stone in the UFC’s Middleweight division. Believe me when I tell you that you don’t want to be a stepping stone in that division.

4. BJ Penn
Really should not be a surprise that he’s on the list and even though he’s already inducted in the UFC Hall of Fame. BJ Penn is regarded to some as the greatest Lightweight of all time and also has a Welterweight Championship to add on his list. However, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you this man would be 8 fight losing streak 10 years ago. He hasn’t won a fight since 2010 and has yet to show vintage BJ Penn in his fights. He feels that he still has a lot in the tank but I say he should’ve gave it up a long time ago. Look at the guys he’s loss to recently like Ryan Hall, Denis Siver, and Clay Guida as these are guys he probably would’ve blew off the face of the planet in his prime. BJ Penn was the most ferocious fighter at one point in time but now he is literally the opposite of what he used to be. BJ is now 40 years old and looks every bit of it and just like every fan in the UFC I would love for him to hang it up and never come out of retirement.